How to Effectively do Food Photography

Hello my love,

You can always tell that tastes something delicious, but it also looks like? A recipe can still be as good, but if the images are not really so appealing, hardly anyone will probably imitate it?

Food makes a good mood, so it should look like that. I know this is easier said than done. And I am also aware that there are pictures on my blog that are far from being out of the way I would wish. I’m really not a professional in the field and have learned me most of themselves and probably also done much wrong. If you had asked me a year ago, for what are all the buttons and each setting on my Canon, I had no idea. No idea of aperture, time, Iso or white balance. But I had to have an SLR and now I am infinitely happy. Photography was one of my biggest hobbies. That I can connect so well with my passion for healthy diet and exercise, is really a matter of luck. Therefore, it makes me served also in the new fun every day to make especially photos of my food.

Meanwhile, I have me then but the one or other tricks if you want to call it that, learned that I like you now want to bring times closer. Lately, yes piling questions like, What camera do you use ‘or how you edit your photos’, so it is probably time for the first Foodphotography Post.

At the very beginning, the question arises after the equipment. The always all depends on what you plan with your pictures and how much money will you invest. For me Iphone photos would simply not come into consideration at the moment. If only for the reason that I like to spend my time with it, they rework the MacBook and need a higher resolution for the blog. Besides, I must confess that I now I think unlearned ‘have, with the Iphone to shoot good pictures haha.

If one decides to use a camera, there are also back huge differences in price and features.
I wanted from the very beginning an SLR. Of course a great system cameras, but since I know myself simply from not so good to be able to call you recommendations can.

Anyway I have a year ago my first DSLR bought-the Canon Eos 700D. Of course I had no idea and had once taken me the standard lens to. A big mistake! Because, of course, a lens in which the aperture at 5.6 starts will not be particularly well suited for food photos. But I also long to I have seen once. Then I bought a macro lens from Tamron, which in the end was more expensive than my camera body along with the standard lens. I was recommended it in business, but really perfect it was not.


In the spring finally came right: the Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 II lens, which is just great for the price. When traveling, I usually only use this and it can only recommend.

But now with the I am satisfied with my current equipment, finally.

Canon Eos 6d

Yes before zrka week is finally ‘confiscated my new baby with me 😛 The full frame DSLR Canon Eos 6d. I can now say that I love this camera! I certainly hope that it will bring me in Pictures now a little further 🙂

Canon EF 50mm f / 1.4 USM

The increase to my other 50mm. I personally feel that it shows little difference. But I wanted the new camera is simply equal to the optimal equipment 🙂

Besides the right equipment, there are a few more tips and tricks that you regardless of whether you photographed with a mobile phone or an expensive camera. The most important I have written together again for you.

# 1 Natural Light is everything

It is very important that you use only NO flash for your food photos. Believe me, there is nothing that looks unnatural.

but even worse is kitchen light. I know especially in the morning and in winter is always a bit tricky. Since it is advisable to use daylight bulbs / softbox, really off all other lights during photography and to be close to the window.

# 2 Simple Background

Personally, I just think food photos look best if you makes on white or black background either.

Often one looks just the most beautiful gardens in the background from the balcony. But actually directs the environment only on the actual content of the image. I have my pictures homemade earlier long time so, and from time to time which also has quite good-looking ‘, but over time I have learned and realized that you simply can do hardly anything wrong with white or black.


# 3 Take yourself Time

This is very important! Take time for your photos and enforces nothing. Then you have just once no breakfast image, which is not so bad. As most are photos that you do in stress, just not the way you imagined. Is also logical, because for many images at different settings, angles and co you will not have. Of course, the first shot may already be a winner and that was with me determined even the odd times, but it is easier for a self to plan a bit in advance how you have the next picture so wants to tackle that set-up, background and so on …

# 4 Nobody’s born a Master

I agree! Nobody, and I mean really nobody can make overnight for great photos! I can not after so long on Instagram still not. You never stop learning. If you look at my photos of a few months ago, I would sometimes prefer to sink into the ground haha it.
Although I have bought a year ago Birthday my first SLR, but until I really could handle it and me married on the automatic mode addition ‘have, several months have passed.
I have but I also have to teach themselves and made smart on the Internet. There are so many great tutorials in terms Foodphotography and processing.

# 5 Try different Angles

always try many different angles to try. see Some dishes example from above simply much better than from the side or at 45 degrees. Therefore, you should definitely always something allow time for photographing.

# 6 Search for Inspiration

How do you have for when food bloggers all the ideas for his pictures? True, from other blogs. Naturally simple recipes you can not 1: 1 copy, but to get ideas for new that really does make everyone and that’s good. So I spend ever hours before Pinterest, FoodGawker, key spotting or weheartit. But in the end I’m still become ever find.

# 7 Sometimes less is more

Yes, wenger is often more. That’s just mainly the background usually the case. But also the set-up: if you boil example Oatmeal and, decorative ‘easy times lying half fruit basket beside. A few small attributes are even desirable, but you should always find the right balance between too much and just right. That may really not be easy, especially at first. But since only one Gibt’s: Practice, practice, practice

# 8 Here we are already talking about the next point: Create a measurement

Simply reflect only the plate or the cereal bowl but is boring right? A picture lives by its set-up. Of course, the food should be the focus, but even one or two more details can be even the most boring food to be eye candy.
Especially here is recommended to create a kind of artificial chaos. Just a few berries beside the bowl, basil leaves to noodle dishes or other kitchen utensils such as towels, plates, cutlery, …

# 9 Find the perfect place to photograph

In every house there is THE place where the light is perfect, or or just very good. I photograph as always with side light next to the balcony door. So I need myself am not to use any aids such as soft boxes and Co in the summer.


# 10 Don’t use Instagram filter

Sounds first weird but yes. I edit my images hardly on the Iphone. And if, then I use photo editing apps. My top 3 are Adobe Lightroom Mobile, VSCO Cam and Afterlight.

Adobe Lightroom is to be my standard editing program on the MacBook. I often wonder what I have done earlier without Lightroom haha

For collagen I also love Pic Monkey. As Lightroom, although it is not in vain, but that it is still worth it to me.

Of course you need also some time before they can find their way into the various programs. But on the Internet you will find now countless tutorials that have really helped me.

# 11 Don’t Overedit

not overdo it by editing. Before, I always thought to myself, the more filters, the better. Meanwhile, I put my camera simply equal so that I might just have to change a little so- on contrast, brightness, light and depth to basics in retrospect. I have just deleted because I thought in retrospect that they just do not look natural How many photos. Too bright, too much contrast, glaring hues, a just so anhüpfen ‘simply.

# 12 Add Colour

It is also important that it incorporates many vivid colors in your photos. Uses for example spices, eat your spice up again or just plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in all colors and varieties. A strawberry shake without further attributes like for example look boring. But if you might have a nice paper straw, a few fresh berries or granola, nuts; .. on top give and maybe a few lying next to it, you have instantly a great photo shot.

# 13 Fresh Ingredients

If you have to share his food already with the public, then what is showing them off should be fresh and of good quality. Brown bananas or peaches are probably hardly get many likes, even if they still are and taste edible.

# 14 Not too large Portions

Power your dish is not too full. If you have at one time 5 piece of something on the plate, and this almost goes, it’s hard to even focus on the main content of the image.


# 15 Last but not least

One of the most important tricks to ANYONE can apply: situated on the side on which the shadow of your plate falls, a white card as a substitute for a reflector. I do it myself too often, although I have a. But sometimes I’m just too lazy then place it right haha.

But see for yourself

I hope I could help a few more of you with this first post about Foodphotography. If you want, I can be happy to continue this series and also accurately respond to my DSLR settings, and especially for what they really are good. Let me know.

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